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NEW CONTRACT WIN: Alliance Medical UK

The team at xWave Technologies is delighted to announce a new deal to provide a next-gen clinician portal to Alliance Medical Ltd, underpinned by xWave's clinical decision support technology - xWave CDS powered by iRefer.

The contract win forms part of Alliance Medical UK’s Future Unified Diagnostic Information System (FUDIS) project to deploy tools for clinical collaboration, enterprise imaging and features for diagnosis and workflow. xWave will be working in partnership with the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform, and Streets Heaver’s Compucare® PAS/EPR as part of this project.

The programme will start deployment in H2 2024, introducing the solutions across 120 sites for Alliance Medical’s UK community diagnostic centres, static imaging sites for PET-CT, MRI, CT and other imaging modalities and its fleet of mobile, modular and relocatable units.


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