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xWave Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Vetting

"Based on the Kappa scores, our approach to auditing justification of radiology referrals with xRefer shows better consistency and less discrepancies between the two annotators, compared to auditing radiology referrals without CDS, regardless of the gap in clinical expertise and knowledge"

xWave Technologies is honoured to have our xWave CDS platform, (formerly xRefer), play a central role in research carried out by Jaka Potočnik and team, recently published in Insights Into Imaging (

Use of CT scans has almost doubled in Ireland and the UK over the past decade, however recent research shows that up to 39% of CT scans are unjustified for patients. xWave CDS can play a key role in supporting clinicians to determine whether CT scans are justified and to ensure that patients are getting the best test first.


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